Is this you?...

  • You start the day eating well but food cravings get in the way of actually seeing results

  • You're constantly lethargic and even feel the need to nap!

  • You want to feel in control of your eating again (even at 3pm when others are raiding the biscuit tin, or when the kids are in bed)

  • You cringe at the thought of starting another diet to count calories, buy special diet foods or stick to rigid diet plans

  • You are at your heaviest weight and can't understand why?

Here's what no one tells you when it comes to losing weight...

Even if you exercise and have a low calorie meal plan it doesn't mean you'll get results.

The old Calories IN versus calories OUT mantra isn't what you thought.  Here are the reasons why it's never that simple:


    There are various reasons why our systems can start to use energy differently. Many people refer to this as having a 'slow metabolism'. It's just that you're not eating to match what your body needs. We are experts in nutrition science utilise a lower carbohydrate, healthy fat approach using real food to support your metabolism.


    A calorie controlled meal plan is all well and good but it can be very hard to stick to if you find yourself snacking all the time, or you have a social life, or comfort eat. We can help you identify WHY you eat, and change the way you think about eating.


    So you might lose 5kg drinking just cabbage soup or eating like a sparrow but who wants to be 'on a diet' for the rest of their life! We combine traditional weight loss methods with a non-diet approach to ensure your lifestyle gets you results but you won't feel deprived.

Ready to shift your weight, enjoy good food and feel like yourself again?

(and no, you don't have to cut out the wine!)

You're invited to the 12 Week Metabolic Makeover Program

Packed full of extras to get you the results you need. You will get:

  • Meal planning access

    Receive BONUS access to our meal planning app EatLove including your fully customisable meal plan, shopping list and an abundance of low carb recipes, tailored to your cooking skill.

  • Real time support & accountability

    Learn at your own pace but be a part of a team. You will have the support and accountability you need to get results. Multiple ways to stay in touch with our expert Dietitians and Nutritionists to receive feedback as you move through the program. Don’t fall off the wagon and feel like you cant get back up - we are here to help.

  • Resource library

    Built entirely for you, our resource library of downloadable fact sheets, worksheets, learning videos, forms, and lists on everything food, behavior change and more! Everything you need at your fingertips, and it’s ever-expanding.

Course curriculum

See What's Inside...

    1. The Low Carb Healthy Fat Eating Approach

    1. Answer this one question


    3. Introduction to Low Carb High/Healthy Fat

    4. Metabolic Benefit of Low Carb Eating

    5. What Does a Low Carb Lifestyle Look Like?

    6. Paleo, Keto, LCHF, Carnivore, Atkins - What’s the difference?

    7. Survey: End of Module

    8. Cooking and Meal Planning

    1. What can I eat on LCHF?

    2. Ketogenic Eating or Very Low Carb High Fat (VLCHF)

    3. Download: The Real Food Guide to Weight Loss

    4. Food Portion Lists

    5. Simple LCHF Meal & Snack ideas Quickstart

    6. Traffic Light Guide to Carbs in Foods

    7. What Foods Should I Avoid?

    8. The scoop on Sugar

    1. Answer this one question

    2. Tutorial: Love What you Eat - Meal Planning with EatLove

    3. Recording and Monitoring

    4. Daily Mindset Practice

    5. Daily Health Tracker

    6. Meal Planner (Blank)

    7. Food Journal

    8. Notes (blank)

    9. Breaking the The Dieting Cycle

    10. Getting Started with Physical Activity

    11. Using Fat to Fuel Exercise

    12. Worksheet: Exercise for Maximum Fat-burning

    1. Making Good Choices

    2. Reading Food Labels

    3. Some Product Ideas

    4. Low Carb Food choices when Eating Out

    5. Learning to Leave Food on Your Plate

About this course

  • 3 x $189.00
  • 73 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Don’t feel restricted or go on a diet

Learn to include the foods you love but in a mindful way.

Our Dietitians understand you just can’t face another diet and you’re looking for a long term solution to your problem. We will show you how to make low carb healthy fat a lifestyle that won’t deprive you of the foods you enjoy.

We are an expert team providing all the support you need

Developed and run by qualified dietitians and nutritionists

Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist & Accredited Sports Dietitian Liz Forsyth

I’ve been a dietitian and nutritionist for over 20 years and now helped thousands of people find their breakthrough. I’ve felt the benefits of eating low carb first hand. After my first 2 kids my feet hurt, I felt ‘puffy’ and I had no energy. Losing weight was HARD and I found myself craving sugar after dinner. This was despite exercising and eating a low fat diet. I could not accept that this was the new norm for me in my thirties so I looked for answers based on knowledge I already had. After reviewing tons of scientific literature and learning from well-reputed medical peers, I started combining low carb science with the practice of dietary modification and have never looked back! Now we are sharing our 3 phase, low carb healthy fat lifestyle approach to provide you with the answers you are looking for and can be tailored to suit you.

You feel you know what you should be doing

Who is holding you accountable?

By joining our 12 week accountability and support program you will learn why your eating habits aren’t working for you and getting the results you need. We are experts in nutrition science! We understand why dieting fails us when it comes to controlling stubborn belly fat and food cravings. We will show you a better way to unlock your fat burning potential to lose weight, improve your blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation and get your energy back using our simple step by step method.


  • My weight just doesn't seem to shift and I've tried everything. Will I lose weight?

    This program has been designed to address this common problem. Everyone is slightly different and may lose weight at different rates but our team is on board to make sure you have all the tools on hand and the right recipe for success. Even small changes when sustained can become large changes and we work with you on making it sustainable.

  • Do you do blood testing?

    Generally we don't authorise the blood tests ourselves, however we do recommend you see your GP for a wide range of blood tests prior to starting the program. This is discussed in more detail in the preparation section of the program or feel free to get in touch prior. 12 weeks is a reasonable amount of time to be able to see diet-related improvement.

  • Should I also purchase the LCHF Ultimate Guide to Getting Started?

    We are one step ahead of you and have already included this guide for you to download within the program. You will get access to so much more than you would be able to cover with individual weekly dietitian sessions, and save money.

Invest in Your Health

You can get started right away. *(Comparable weekly Dietitian consult cost for 12 weeks usually $68/session = $816)

  • 3 x $189.00

    Less than $47 per week for your own on personal nutritionist!

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Past member

Continual support and widespread coverage of different issues including lots of meal ideas. The one-on-ones with Liz were particularly valuable as I was always encouraged to keep going and I was given ideas on how I could improve. It was helpful to have resources to turn to for references at any time.

Emily King

Wow! I got on the scale and I've lost 14 pounds. Liz, you are onto something incredible here. I've been tryoing everything for years with no luck. The best part is I am enjoying life, food and health. Bless you for your ability to translate your knowledge into something substantially important. Thank you.

Lisa Bartrim

Liz Forsyth - so far so good! My appetite has definitely decreased